Things are on fire over at Boise State University-- not literally--but this athletic program is beginning to take strides ACROSS the board. No, we're not talking about the football program that gets "all of the love" most of the time. The men's basketball team made it to the big dance and won the conference. The softball team is continuing to rise. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Yesterday, Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey announced that big news was coming. Today, it has been unveiled.

Of course, the overwhelming sentiment from fans was: it's time for a new conference.

Those in the sports world knew that moving to the Big 12, as many Boise State fans wish, wasn't in the cards. There were no rumors and an announcement that big would have leaked almost instantly.

So what's the word in the world of Boise State athletics? Serious facility upgrades.  Just days ago we shared with you that a massive TV screen was going to be installed in Albertsons Stadium--making it the largest in the conference. Now, there's icing on the cake that according to the athletic department impacts a total of EIGHTEEN SPORTS at Boise State University.

The news was rolled out via multiple tweets, being dubed the "Master Village":

The facility includes a new "Varsity Center" which wraps around the football stadium and will enhance the exterior appearance:


Some have noted that sources for funding have not yet been named--nor have timelines for these build outs.

We will keep you posted on what's next for Boise State as the information becomes available.

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