Boise Music Festival's been on my mind since the moment I learned it was returning! Still need tickets? No worries, McFlurry. You can buy 'em here!

As Townsquare ramps up for the 11th anniversary of Boise's beloved June 25th event, I'm binging on my favorite songs from the mainstage lineup—hey, Lady A!

The winner of four Grammy Awards in 2011, Lady A's "Need You Now" reached legendary heights that transcended the country music scene. It seems to have transcended my subconscious, too, because I keep thinking about what our City of Trees needs now!


It was a quarter after 1:00, I was all alone thinking, "Boise needs a Six Flags." And honestly, I don't know how we could do without these other 15 things. We just need them now.

If you don't like what I just did there, I don't blame you. I just need you to check out the 16 things Boise needs now ♥


Top Golf || It's all in the hips and it's already in the works, but our inner Happy needs it now!



An NFL Team || We love you, BSU, but having an NFL team would be AMAZING. The Boise Gems has a nice ring to it.



Duncan Donuts || Idaho missed the memo that America runs on Duncan. It's a wrong that needs to be righted, people.



High-End Fashion Retailers || The California transplants are the Valley's new Fashionista Police. They're Jonesin' for the finer threads in life, and so am I.



Six Flags || If you need an explanation, we'd probably never make it as Game Night partners. Or friends. Or anything else.



Valley-Wide Public Transportation || Picture it: Treasure Valley 2014–the roads were clearer, we were happier, and there was hardly a need for public transit. Seriously speaking, the Valley traffic situation would get so much better if this became a reality.



White Castle || Whitey's is something you gotta experience to understand. Harold and Kumar have my back on this.



M&M’s World || My family and I went to Vegas for the first time a few months ago. Of all the family-friendly attractions we hit up, M&M World was my favorite! True story: I found the cutest M&M-print nightie while we were there, and I wear it constantly.

(My poor husband...other chicks are into VS negligees, and I'm over here in my M&M's nightie and a pair of knee-high furry pink polk dot socks.)



Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. || Simply put, it's a Marvelous idea.



FAO Schwarz || We need this for the sole purpose of reenacting this scene from "Big."

I said what I said.



A Casino || Because adults need their own version of Chuck E. Cheese.



Margaritaville || Boise's obsession with breweries makes having our own Margaritaville  totally justifiable.



Horse Race Track || I'm in it for the Derby hats, ya'll.



Red Neck Yacht Club on Lucky Peak || Party in slow motion? Yusss.



IKEA || We're every bit as cool and relevant as Utah, IKEA. And we're sick of driving five hours away for affordable furniture we hate assembling.



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