A well known basketball coach in the Treasure Valley has received a lot of prayers, well-wishes, and support from Boise and beyond over the last several days.

Cody Pickett, the boys basketball coach at Eagle High School, is a beloved member of the Eagle High School community. In a shocking turn of events of an otherwise healthy, young husband and father of three, he now faces open-heart surgery after a routine medical test which uncovered an arterial blockage.

If you have no ties to Eagle High, the name 'Cody Pickett' may sound familiar-- yes, it's THAT Cody Pickett.  Pickett, an Idaho local, played quarterback at the University of Washington from 1999 to 2003.

Of course, the Huskies aren't alone, as several area programs shared their positive vibes with Coach Pickett as well:

Most recently, Pickett shared that he was on his way to Seattle for a second opinion on his condition: 

Coach Pickett & Eagle High School family-- we're all standing with you and thinking of you during this time and wish you nothing but the best! 

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