Student Council at Boise High School is up to something pretty special these days and they're asking for the community to lend a helping hand to their cause.

We came across the information on Facebook over the weekend-- the help is for Boise High's "Prom Closet".  Having lived through the high school years ourselves, we can remember what an exciting and fun time that prom was. You get to dress up, go out, dance, and have fun with friends and a date! It's crazy how BIG those small things really felt when you're that age.

Boise High's Prom Closet aims to make a fun prom POSSIBLE for students in need. Prom is on April 30th--it's coming up quick--and not every student can say that it's the easiest task in the world. Many students may find themselves without access to clothes such as dresses, suits, pants, and ties.

Gas prices are through the roof, we're navigating our way out of a multi-year global pandemic-- now more than ever in recent history, students and families may be feeling the need for a helping hand and the Boise High School Prom Closet is just one way that student council can help meet their fellow students where they're at.

Have an old prom dress, suit, or some ties that you may never wear again? It's all being accepted at Boise High's office during school hours.

Prom is on April 30th.

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