Please allow us to remind you of the obvious-- it is NASTY outside. After literally weeks of intense Treasure Valley heat, which is still ongoing by the way, we're now experiencing a new type of "gross" outside: wildfire smoke.

For many, "allergy season" has been intense this year and lasting longer than normal. Now, whether you have allergies or not, many are experiencing respiratory struggles because of this smoke. If it hasn't impacted you yet, odds are we're all about to get a little irritation coming our way soon. There's nothing worse than walking outside into the heat and feeling like you're walking through a literal film in the air because of this smoke--but, it's our reality right now.

While the air quality is labeled as "moderate" at the moment, there's still a general warning that exercising or spending a lot of time outdoors isn't the best idea.

So we know that it's smoky, but where is it coming from?

In an interview with our local NPR affiliate, the folks from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality are saying that the smoke in the Treasure Valley is primarily coming from local fires at the moment--but to expect wind and more fires in due time to bring a lot more smoke in from Oregon and California, too.


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