Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s relationship has hit another stumbling block. The California rapper said Chrisean Rock is “not reliable enough” to be with him after rumors that they broke up began circulating on social media.

On Friday (July 1), Blueface jumped on his Instagram Live to address the status of his relationship with Rock. He claims he never blocked her on social media despite Chrisean Rock saying he did. Rumors on social media have people talking that the couple have broken up, but the “Thotiana” rapper insists they have not separated but are "vibing."

“Me and Rock, we vibe,” Blueface explained in a video capturing his IG Live. “She’s not reliable enough—I mean we had an agreement and she didn’t hold up her end of the agreement, simple as that. That’s all that is. It’s not a breakup.”

“We still vibing. We still connecting. We still ahh-ahh-ahh,” he continued. “She’s just not reliable enough for me. That’s it. That’s all it is. It’s important to have a person that you can depend on.”

In another clip, Blue further explained that Rock hasn’t been taking care of her responsibilities at their house and is constantly breaking curfew.

“Since y’all want to be so fucking nosey, I told Rock, ‘You can’t be coming in and out of my house anytime of day and anytime of night,” he said. “I got an HOA [Homeowners Association], I got neighbors. I got real responsibilities that I’m not always there to take care of.”

“So, if I got someone staying with me I need them to pick up the slack,” he continued. “I told her she can’t be out til 8 a.m. and get back to my house 9 a.m., 10 a.m. She gotta be there before 3. You can stay out until 3 a.m., do whatever you got to do. But I need you to bring my dogs inside and feed them and cage them up, 'cause my neighbors complain. They be like, “Oh, your dogs were barking, I didn’t get no sleep and I have work.’”

So, I told her that she’s not meeting these requirements. That’s all it is, bro,” he added. “It ain't got nothing to do with Fivio. It ain't got nothing to do with her."

On Thursday (June 30), Chrisean Rock appeared in a video that circulated on social media showing her in the same club as Fivio Foreign. Apparently, Chrisean was out networking and fans thought that was the reason why Blueface was mad at her.


Eventually, Rock responded to Blueface’s accusations on Instagram and shared her side of the story. In a series of posts, the budding rapper claimed Blueface “can’t deal” with her being “attractive.”

“U putting on a front to hurt me more,” Rock wrote. “I really don’t know what’s the point to act like u don’t really love me. Whatever it is u doing, it won’t last long. Ima just keep going n keep getting busy and pray that the dark cloud go away. The fact u saying all dat stuff to look a certain way just shows ppl what an immature guy you are. You acting like u not scared to lose me is funny to me.”

Rock concluded, "Blueface can’t with the fact that he’s dealing with someone everyone is [attracted] to so make a video lying to the world for nothing if we belong together. I need somebody to lean on."

Hopefully, Blueface and Chrisean Rock can resolve their relationship conflicts and have better communication with each other in the future.

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