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Boise State released the following statement today regarding new upgrades to University Drive designed to increase pedestrian safety for cyclists and students commuting on campus.

University Drive Safety Upgrades and Added Bike Lanes

Boise State University’s main thoroughfare, University Drive, is currently being updated for increased pedestrian safety through a heavily traveled student corridor. In addition, the upgrades will better support cyclists and commuters on campus. The regular maintenance chip sealing project on University Drive, between Broadway Avenue and Lincoln Avenue, allows for the opportunity to remove on-street parking to increase safety for crossing pedestrians, as well as add bike lanes on the north and south sides. Connecting with existing bike lanes on University Drive west of Lincoln Avenue, the new bike lanes will offer safer and more improved routes for cyclists to travel all the way through campus. Additionally, these bike lanes will further enhance pedestrian safety on sidewalks as bikes can move safely to the street. Parking on the north side of University Drive will be permanently removed, while current parking spaces on the south side will be retained. The lanes are another step toward building a Bicycle Friendly University, of which Boise State currently holds a “gold” designation. In addition to the lanes, the university has recently added a contraflow lane along Cesar Chavez, air-fill stations throughout campus and has offered free classes through the Cycle Learning Center. Find out more about how Boise State supports and encourages bicycling on campus at

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