In the famous words of Star Trek engineer Scotty, "Captain I don't think she can take much more of this!" The Diamond Cup at Meridian Speedway saw a record broken twice over the weekend.

Scotty was taking about taking the Starship Enterprise to "warp" speed which is exactly what local racer Bryan Warf did to his #91 Super modified in the coveted Diamond Cup Friday and Saturday.

I guess you could say Bryan brought it to "warf" speed! Never in the history of Meridian Speedway has a race driver qualified his car with a 2-lap qualifying average of under 11 seconds. Warf did it Friday night in 10.974 seconds to make history.

Then Saturday night Warf clocked 10.866 in qualifying breaking his own record. Part of the magic was a tacky track thanks to 30 Winged Spring Cars and another 15 Super Modifieds. There was a ton of rubber on the track and that allowed the drivers to test the limits of speed vs. the wall car cars stuck like glue to the track and flew around the corners.

Warf #91 moves up
Warf #91 moves up

With Warf having that kind of speed it was only a matter of staying out of trouble, meaning don't crash or get boxed in, and he was destined to be among the top finishers.

Warf went one better, 31-year-old driver swept the two-day Diamond Cup points titles in both Super Modifieds and Winged Sprint cars. Warf received a diamond ring for each championship. I'm not sure his hand can take any more!

For more on this week at Meridian Speedway and Warf's record breaking weekend listen to the attached Hot Laps report from 630 The Fan

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