Here in the Treasure Valley, the COVID-19 concerns are continuing to intensify and many are left feeling hopeless: what is there to do that can cut back on the rising surge of COVID-19 figures? Scientists and doctors alike agree that distancing, masking, and vaccinating are the best options. With the rise in cases, limiting mass gatherings seems wise, too.

What's happening over on the campus of Boise State University, though?

The biggest and perhaps most anticipated home game in recent Bronco football history is taking place this weekend and over 30,000 fans will be in the stadium, packed in, to watch some football. Is a crowd this size conducive to slowing the spread of COVID-19? Many say, no.

The university is asking those in the stands to wear masks but after one home game last week, it seems nobody wanted to wear them. Now, university officials are trying to incentivize the mask wearing.

What will this look like inside of Albertsons Stadium on Saturday? According to an email released and sent out to Boise State ticket holders, there will be a street team wandering the stadium looking for folks wearing masks and they'll be rewarded with various prizes.  No word on what these prizes might be--but is this elementary-school type program going to move the needle? Many are skeptical and most just hope that it's more than a buy one get one free cheeseburger coupon.

Do you think that massive crowds at Albertsons Stadium are ethical in a time when many hospitals are being stretched thin?

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