Believe it or not, this was the first time we've heard of something like happening. 

Saturday was one of those Saturdays that many of us can only dream of. We worked hard all week and for the first time in a long time, we had absolutely no adult responsibilities that immediately needed tended to. After a relaxing and super chill day, why complicate that by cooking?

We weren't planning to leave the house, so we settle on ordering pizza for dinner. For whatever reason, the Pizza Hut that we normally order from wasn't accepting delivery orders. We can only assume that like so many other businesses in the Treasure Valley they didn't have the staff to make it happen and this recent surge of COVID-19 is making it even tougher for people to show up for their jobs. It is what it is, but we were super let down and started racking our brains for another pizza place in our neighborhood.

Idaho Pizza Company doesn't offer online ordering for their Broadway location and we were feeling too anti-social to call. The Flying Pie near us does their delivery thru Door Dash and we didn't want to bother with those fees. So, we Googled Domino's. We probably drive past it all the time but totally spaced that there was a location on Broadway.

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Domino's it was! We ordered online and were so excited when one of their "surprise frees" showed up on our receipt. We had seen their commercials and always wondered if they were real. Now we were going to find out! We watched the pizza tracker with anticipation and then...nothing. The website said "delivered" but there was no pizza at the door. We double checked our order and were mortified that we forgot to put the apartment number on it. So we high tailed it over to the club house to look for it. No pizza there.

So much for being anti-social. We had to call and admit that we were dummies. Honestly, we couldn't have predicted what was about to happen next. Someone, who sounded a bit overwhelmed, answered the phone and we started blurting out our mistake. They cut us off and said "I was your delivery driver. I accidentally locked my keys and your pizza in my car. They're remaking it and sending it with the next delivery driver. I was trying to call you but people kept calling us. I'm so sorry."

We could tell that you felt like screwed up, but we did too by leaving our apartment number off the order. And honestly, we weren't mad at all! We appreciated your honesty and had a really good, much needed laugh about it! When the pizza eventually did get to us, it was delicious and we were so excited that the Domino's "surprise frees" real after all. Ours turned out to be a free cheese pizza!

We hope you weren't too embarrassed after our conversation, because you and Domino's really turned what started as a frustrating dinner process into something fun. It was obvious your store was overwhelmed, so we wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you! It was the first time we ordered from this Domino's and we certainly will be again. You're the best!

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