The final AP College football poll for the 2017 season is out and as expected Alabama is number one following their 26-23 OT win against Georgia in the National Championship game. The top five is as follows: Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Clemson and Ohio State. The only undefeated team in college football, UCF, The University of Central Florida at 14-0 finished the year 6th. That despite beating Auburn in the Peach Bowl, the same Auburn that beat both Alabama and Georgia during the regular season. I'm not saying UCF should have been considered for #1 but how about #3 behind the two national championship contenders. Voting UCF sixth is a slap in the face of every non power 5 conference team in the country. At the very least UCF should have been a top 5 team. As for Boise State, they are a top 25 team at number 22, BSU's first time in the final top 25 poll since the 2014 AP poll when they finished 16th. The hype for the broncos has already begun with some 2018 "Way too Early" pre-season polls with Boise State ranked as high as 17th. Boise State is the only Mountain West team in the final poll. By the way, Washington led by former BSU coach Chris Petersen finished 16th and North Carolina State featuring former Bronco QB Ryan Finley was ranked 23rd right behind Boise State.

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