In 2019, Intuit's MintLife surveyed Americans to figure out exactly what people hope to receive for Christmas. The results were pretty interesting! 

According to Mint, 61% of Americans rather receive cash or a gift card than a traditional present during the holidays. Not many of those folks speak up and tell the people shopping for them that, because sounds selfish, even though it's not.

We just had that conversation with our mom today. The truth is we've reached critical mass when it comes to the amount of stuff that we can fit in our apartment. We don't need more stuff. A gift card would be far more useful and appreciated in the long run!

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Trust us when we say that many of the people you're shopping for feel the very same way. They would love this small gift that they could stash in their purse and use toward something they really want or really need. You just need to make sure you pick the right one, so we did a little bit of leg work for you.

After polling our listeners, we discovered that these are the 20 most in-demand gift cards in the Treasure Valley this holiday season!

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