Last week, we told you how surprised we were to find out there are a handful of groups on Facebook dedicated to Californians looking to make the move to Boise or other parts of the Treasure Valley. 

Upon finding out those groups existed, many of you gave the same answer that made KTVB's Mark Johnson go viral the first time in June 2019 - "We're full." Apparently simply making that statement on a radio station's social media post, isn't enough to keep herds of Californians from making the move. According an overview from Boise Valley Economic Partnership, 48% of migration to the Boise Metro from 2014-2018 came from California.

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But how many of those folks regret that move? We're banned from joining any of those Facebook groups, but did stumble upon a few threads on where people thinking about exiting California ask others about the pros and cons of Boise. Winter weather is one of the top concerns the Idaho clueless have and the one of the top complaints from former Californians living in Boise.

We can't help but giggle, because honestly...other than 2016-2017's Snowmageddon and the first snowfall of the season when everyone has to relearn how to drive in the snow, Boise winters are pretty manageable.

But why make that public knowledge? It's way more fun to talk about some of these winter weather extremes that Boise's experienced to try to scare people away from moving know, until housing prices come down and our roads can handle that many people.

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