Friday the 13th actor Kane Hodder wants to give Kanye West a better Jason mask than the one he's wearing.

Friday the 13th Actor Kane Hodder Wants to Upgrade Kanye West's Jason Mask

On Saturday (Feb. 10), TMZ posted an interview with actor Kane Hodder, who is famous for his portrayal of the serial killer Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th horror franchise. Apparently, the actor is upset over the hockey mask Ye is wearing during his live performances.

Although Hodder loves that Kanye is rocking a vintage hockey mask during his performances at his Vultures listening parties, he believes the Chicago rapper-producer's mask pales in comparison to the ones he wore as Jason in the Friday the 13th horror films.

"Kanye, you got to let me get you a better mask though, that's kind of a cheesy one [you're wearing]," Hodder said of Kanye's mask. "I could get you a nice one."

"And if you would just during your performance give the eyes a little bit that's what gets people," he added. "When you're wearing the mask, do the big eyes."

Vodder told TMZ that he's willing to loan Kanye one of his renowned Jason masks for his concert performances. However, Hodder playfully warned Ye to return it, emphasizing that he doesn't want to angry his Jason character.

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Kanye West Changes Vultures 1 Album Cover, Bianca Censori Is Still Topless

In an abrupt move, Kanye West posted a new version of his Vultures 1 album cover on Saturday (Feb. 10). The new artwork, which can be viewed below, features Ye rocking a blacked-out mask. His wife, Bianca Censori, is still semi-naked on the cover.

As previously reported, the NSFW cover features Kanye wearing a hockey mask and his wife Bianca with her back turned to the camera topless and wearing pantyhose and high heels. She's also wearing a sheer slip that is supposed to cover her butt. However, it's still visible. According to reports, U.K. photographer Aus Taylor photographed the couple for the album cover.

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Watch Friday the 13th actor Kane Hodder talk about Kanye's hockey mask and offering to upgrade his Jason mask below.

Watch 'Friday the 13th' Actor Kane Hodder Offering Kanye West a Better Jason Mask

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