As B.G. and Turk's beef heats up, Gizzle is claiming Turk will not be missed if he is left out of the Hot Boys reunion.

B.G. Shades Turk While Talking Potential Hot Boys Reunion

B.G. is back outside after recently getting a positive ruling in his ongoing legal drama. On Tuesday (July 9), the No Rap Cap Podcast aired the latest episode of their show featuring the New Orleans rapper. During the pod, Gizzle was asked about the recently announced Hot Boys reunion and if it could be a true reunion without Turk who apparently won't be involved.

"If you tried to do a reunion without Weezy, it wouldn’t work," B.G. said at the 21:27 mark of the interview below. "If you tried to do a reunion without Juvie, it wouldn’t work. If you tried to do a reunion without me, it wouldn’t work. But come on, man. The n*gga like the Michelle [Willliams] or the LeToya Luckett of the group, man," he added, name-dropping the members of Destiny's Child.

"If muthaf**kin Beyoncé and muthaf**kin Kelly [Rowland] do a Destiny’s Child reunion and Michelle ain’t there, ain’t nobody gonna miss her like that. That’s just what it is," he added.

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B.G. and Turk Trade Shots

Turk has seemingly been at odds with his former bandmates off-and-on since he was released from prison in 2012 and has recently accused them of turning their backs on him. B.G.'s recent statements come after he performed at the 2024 Essence Festival in New Orleans alongside Birdman, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh in a mini-reunion. Wayne was also on the bill but performed separately.

Following the performance, B.G. revealed why Turk was not part of the show in an Instagram Live video.

"It’s only one ni**a ain’t in this b**ch," B.G. said on Instagram Live, seemingly addressing Turk's absence. "He brought that on hisself. Ni**a did a bunch of h*e sh*t and can’t take it back. He gotta fault hisself for not being here. I know there’s gonna be a lot of people that’s like, 'Oh, well, such and such, whoop de whoo.' The ni**a know what he did last summer. And I’ma just leave it like that."

Turk responded to the video with his own post.

"You ni**as want that s**t to come together because you ni**as f**ked up outchea," Turk snapped in the video shared on social media. "I ain’t f**ked up outchea. I’m blessed and highly favored by God. Y’all got me f**ked up. To clear the record on that, I’ll say f**k a Hot Boys tour, ni**a. Disrespect won’t be tolerated, ni**a. I don’t give a f**k who a ni**a is. Ain’t no big i’s or lil u’s over me, man. B.G. better sit his muthaf**kin a*s down somewhere, man. That ni**a don’t run sh*t round here, not with me."

Juvenile confirmed a Hot Boy reunion album is in the works back in May. Lil Wayne seemed genuinely surprised when asked about the project in June but said he'd be down to be a part of it. The group, originally consisting of Wayne, Juvie, Turk and B.G., put out three albums but haven't released a project since 2003's Let ’Em Burn.

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See B.G. discussing Turk and the Hot Boys reunion below.

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