It's expected of you to leave a tip when you give your business to certain establishments. Obviously, leaving your server at a bar or restaurant is a tale as old as time. Nowadays, we're also leaving a tip for our barista, the folks who put together your burrito bowl, and the people at the end of the carwash that towel-dry your car for you.

Those are...mostly to be expected this day in age in Idaho. You may not be in love with the idea of leaving a tip at those types of businesses, but nobody is going to be surprised by them either.

But what if there was a tip jar at the checkout line at your local grocery store?

And we're not talking about a collections jar for a charity. Oh no. This would be specifically for the person scanning your groceries for your right before you leave the store. If they had at tip jar for themselves, would you be surprised? Would you be angry at the notion? Or would you just leave a tip so you don't feel awkward when you leave?

First of all, it would cost us customers even more money at the grocery store, where it already feels like prices are at an all-time high. Also, it wouldn't be all sunshine and rainbows for the employee at the checkout aisle, either. According to Idaho state laws, there are a bunch of rules and regulations that go into effect when you are a tipped employee. Both for you and your employer.

So, how would you feel about tipping at the checkout line?


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