One thing that makes living in the Treasure Valley so special is our constant willingness to help. Helping out local organizations, causes, or just our neighbor has long been a principle that is instilled in residents here and it's one of the things that makes our area so special.

As we grow, of course, there is always the chance of an uptick in crime. For the most part, Boise remains a place that you don't need to worry about looking over your shoulder in worry for safety.

But as the saying goes--there's always one person that will ruin it for everyone.

That 'one person' has ruined it for a very popular and beloved local food truck--and the business is pleading for help from the public in finding their stolen truck.

Are you familiar with Coned Pizza here in the Treasure Valley?

Boise's 'Coned Pizza' Needs Your Help

We love Coned--and their truck was stolen. Can you help find it?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

We hate to see this kind of stuff happen in our beloved Treasure Valley! 

Have you ever experienced the deliciousness of Coned Pizza? Just looking at their photos is making us hungry!

According to the owners, their black truck was stolen right from the parking lot of their very own restaurant. Who does this!?

The truck is a black Ford F-250 and according to Coned Pizza, has some distinctive marks:

  • Large dent & scrape on the top of the truck cab
  • passenger fog light is broken
  • the charging cord for it is cut
  • rain visor is broken on the driver side

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