Owning a home in Idaho in the year 2023 isn't all it's cracked up to be. People are moving to Idaho faster than ever. Traffic is increasing daily. And you still have to do your own laundry as a homeowner. It's tough out there.

However, you can enjoy some peace and tranquility knowing that if you are indeed a homeowner in the state of Idaho, you'll be saving a truckload of money on your property tax moving forward.

So how did this Christmas miracle come early? The Idaho Legislature actually listened to surveys filled out by Idahoans, and have cut property taxes here by more than $300 million.

Obviously, not every single person will be saving the same amount, but on average, an Idaho homeowner can expect to save right around $526 on their property taxes in the future. That's a decent amount of groceries!

Governor Brad Little recently had this to say about the tax cut during a telephone townhall event:

The property tax notice you should get here in the next, probably, couple of weeks, should almost guarantee it will be lower. I’m quite certain most people’s property taxes will go down, and we think roughly somewhere between 15 and 25%.

Maybe it's finally time to put some serious thought into purchasing a house in Idaho? Well, if you're moving here from California, and want a taste of what that Idaho vibe is all about, allow us to clue you in on what it's really like living in the Gem State. More specifically, the state capitol, Boise.

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