A major honor has been granted to one luck Idaho State Park--and it comes with international recognition. Can you believe it!?

Perhaps you've been to or heard of the Bruneau Sand Dunes?

A special type of State Park here in Idaho, the Bruneau Dunes offer massive mounds and hills of pure sand. Photos from the middle of this place look like something you might see in the Sahara! It's a unique and special park in Idaho.

The park is quite isolated and now, that isolation is paying off because they're being recognized as an officially certified 'Dark Sky Park'.

What is a Dark Sky Park?

It's a place that has 'distinguished' and 'unobscured' night skies. This means there isn't a ton of 'man-made light' in the area that takes away from your ability to see the stars AND that there are frequent clear skies.

Having yet another dark sky park in Idaho means that tourism numbers from all over the globe are sure to grow to our small and beloved Bruneau Sand Dunes.

We should also note that the park has some massive telescopes that are made available to the public as well.

While there may not be many dark sky reserves in Idaho, every now and then we get lucky and have the chance to see a special night sky. Just recently, the Northern Lights appeared over Boise-- see photos of the stunning local skies, below!

Photos of Idaho Skies Are Nothing Shy of Magical

We asked our Facebook followers to show us their view of the Aurora Borealis over the weekend and they certainly delivered.

See more, HERE.

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Learn more about Dark Sky Reserves and see other locations where the views of outer space from Idaho are next level!

Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve

The International Dark-Sky Association designated the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve In December 2017. It's only the twelfth Dark Sky Reserve Worldwide." The Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve was awarded Gold Tier status, the highest ranking for night sky quality. 

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

Northern Lights Appear over North Idaho, Washingotn

Shots from their appearance are stunning. Here's a look at the lights appearing over the years!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM