The rumor mill is churning once again about Bryan Harsin--this time, it's a grumbling in Idaho. Here in the State of Idaho, we love our football.  Whether it's the Yotes out in Caldwell, the Broncos on the world famous blue turf, or the long list of Idaho pigskin 'alumni' that have taken their playing or coaching careers to the next level--Idahoans root for the Idaho stars.

While his time at Auburn University may have been tumultuous, Bryan Harsin is still a name in the Treasure Valley. He led the Boise State Broncos to many wins, including a Fiesta Bowl victory. He's also a local guy--who grew up here in Boise and was a football star himself as a young man.

Here's a look at Bryan Harsin's career over the years: 

Bryan Harsin's Tour of Coaching Jobs

A look at all of the stops on the coaching tour of Auburn Head Football Coach Bryan Harsin.

Bryan Harsin is simply a household name for football fans in Idaho. 

So where could Harsin be headed next? He's experienced, respected, and tough--despite the fact that Auburn didn't work out, there's no reason he couldn't land another high profile job. If you were to expand your lens on his qualifications in coaching to coordinators as well-- he would be a huge asset to any team as an Offensive Coordinator or Quarterback coach!

Well, folks are talking and there is a RUMOR that Harsin could be coming back to Boise to coach--and not on a blue field.

Many football fans online have an idea.

Here is our sports disclaimer: football fans will make up absolutely ANY hypothetical just to create a story line of "what-if's" and it's sports--so it kind of flies.

However, many say that since Bryan Harsin's son plays football at Eagle High School, he could be returning to Boise to coach his son. How crazy would this be for Eagle High?

Every coach has a different philosophy on coaching their own kids--but look at Boise State's Leon Rice: there's no case for nepotism there--he's developed his son Max into a basketball star and local hero!





Could Bryan Harsin end up at Eagle High? We have our doubts--but we do, admittedly, love the story line. We'll keep you posted.


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