The first day of spring is quickly approaching and with it comes an announcement Treasure Valley movie lovers have been waiting for! Drive-in season in Parma is almost here!

According to, Idaho has one of the highest numbers of drive-in theaters per capita. We're lucky to have two (we think) of the remaining full-time theaters, Terrace Drive-In and Parma Motor-Vu, nearby. The other four are scattered throughout the state in Grangeville, Rexburg, Soda Springs and Driggs.

You won't have to wait much longer to enjoy a drive-in movie this season. Parma Motor-Vu announced in their Facebook group that the first day of the season will be April 7! That’s a whole week earlier than they opened last year. 

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media
Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

While they haven’t confirmed the start times for the movies yet, we do know that the first movie of the double feature will be the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros Movie starring Chris Pratt and Jack Black.

To keep up to date with the current movies, we suggest joining the Parma Motor-Vu's public Facebook Group. Karen Cornwell, whose family has owned the theater since it opened in 1953, always pins the upcoming movies to the "Announcements" section of the group.

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The drive-in has already teased some big titles they plan on showing this summer including Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3, Fast X, The Little Mermaid, Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse, The Flash, Indiana Jones 5 and the newest Mission Impossible movie. 

You can find the nostalgic drive-in at 29522 US 95 in Parma.  Ticket prices vary:

  • Kids 3 and under: Free
  • Kids 4-11: $4
  • Adults 12-61: $10
  • Seniors 62+: $8

What’s Happening With the Terrace Drive-In in Caldwell?

We’re trying to figure that out, too! The last update on their social media pages was a Christmas GIF posted on Christmas Day. There have not been any announcements that they’re not coming back, but it appears that the domain for their website has expired. This isn’t the first time that’s happened to the Terrace Drive-In, so we wouldn’t panic just yet. If we hear anything, you’ll be the first to know! 

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