Um, are you okay, Kraft?

About halfway into January 2024, a seemingly disgruntled employee of The Kraft Heinz Company went viral over a claim that the dough and equipment used to produce Kraft Mac & Cheese was filthy. 

We're not talking about a field mouse finding its way into the factory, friend. We're talking about a next-level, nauseating, you'll-never-eat-mac-and-cheese-again kind of filth.  

Three weeks and 2.1 million views later, Idahoans and Americans across the country are still waiting to see if the employee's claims are true. 

Snopes to the rescue? Not quite...

After Idaho's recent Quaker Oats recall, we're not taking any chances. So, we did what we usually do when we need to prove/disprove a wild internet theory. We went to Snopes and they put the screws to Kraft Heinz. 

As of January 23, Snopes noted a spokesperson for Kraft Heinz had responded to their inquiry, but company denied any wrongdoing. The rep claimed the viral photos misrepresented what's really happening inside Kraft Heinz facilities. They accused the employee of sharing pictures of a broken, out-of-use mixer on his social.

They further explained that once the mixer was repaired, it would be meticulously cleaned and maintained before resuming operations. 

For the sake of every Idahoan ages one to 99, we certainly hope so.

Should Idahoans toss our Mac & Cheese?

Or is this just a crazy, one-off employee gone rogue for attention?

No one knows yet 😳 

Kraft Heinz had little to say about the employee. Instead, they fed the fact-checker a big ole nothing-burger. Lucky for Snopes it wasn't our kid's Easy Mac, right? 

In the meantime, Idahoans might want to keep a close on eye on America's favorite cheesy pasta dish. A recall has yet to be issued, but if there's something even remotely funky about our kid's Mac & Cheese over the next few months, we're tossin' it, y'all. 

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