Will Idaho become a safe haven for Pro-Trump celebrities?

Maybe. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why pro-Trump rappers, entertainers, and major celebrities would choose to settle down here.

Imagine trading the pervasive political tension in L.A. or New York for a peaceful, wide-open oasis. A place where your neighbors accept you, or even better, let you be.

For Hollywood's undercover conservatives and the world's right-leaning tycoons, Idaho's beauty and appeal are more than skin-deep.

The Gem State's conservative climate and culture make for a supportive environment where they can freely express their opinions. It's the combination of ideological alignment and luxe living that makes Idaho an appealing homestead for high-profile entertainers seeking comfort and compatibility.

Idaho living is elevated living. 

Like a state-sized playground, Idaho is a trove of outdoor adventure.

Hiking, bouldering, spelunking, fishing, skiing, aviation exploration—heck, even checking the mail or strolling the aisles of a cozy general store undisturbed—celebrities and their families can have it all here. And they can do it all away from the prying lenses of paparazzi.

It makes sense to us that pro-Trump rapper, entertainers, celebs would retreat to our beautiful state. Like any transplant that's moved to Idaho in the last 25 years, these folks are looking for a home to hang their hat, room to breathe, and the freedom to do, be, and believe as they please. Who could possibly fault them for that?

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