Boise Mayor Lauren McLean's bid for a second term hit an alarming snag this week as former Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson announced his bid for Boise mayor. Although underreported by media outlets, the Masterson campaign featured a list of supporters, including former Idaho Republican David Leroy and former Boise Democrat Mayor Dave Bieter. 

#6 Revenge of Dave Bieter
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Mr. Masterson is not running as a candidate affiliated with any political party. He is coming out of retirement because Mayor McLean has so poorly run the city. Here is a list of a few folks that attended his announcement: 

"Former Idaho Senator Maryanne Jordan, former Boise City Councilor Alan Shealy, former Boise City Councilor Dave Eberle, former Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney, former Boise Police Deputy Chief Patricia Braddock, Sergeant Kevin Holtry, Sergeant George Nickel, Shirly Blisterfeldt, and the Boise Police Local 486."

YouTube/Idaho Statesman
YouTube/Idaho Statesman

In contrast to the nonpartisan Masterson, Mayor McLean is a deep blue liberal democrat with significant ties to the Biden Administration. She promised to listen to city residents, but she declined to listen to the thousands of Boiseans that turned out against her radical city rezoning. The new zones will eliminate traffic lanes, add to congestion, and create super high-density housing. Her agenda has been described as anti-vehicle and anti-homeowner. 

Lauren runs for office

Mr. Masterson addressed the issues, including restoring how the city will be run if he's elected. "The crisis in our city government is not simply a matter of wrong priorities. It is a crisis of transparency and trust. We are faced with a mayor who needs to develop strong working relationships with city, county, and state officials. Who has increased her office budget 60% in three years. Who has approved hundreds of thousands of dollars of expenditures without council approval."

Mr. Masterson continued during his announcement asking why the mayor hasn't released her travel records. "Who has hidden her travel records. Who has hidden tort claims. Who has lost senior personnel at an alarming rate. It is clear that this mayor kicks the can on every issue, lacking the foresight, skills, and determination necessary to bring about real change. What's worse, it is clear we cannot trust that she has our best interests at heart."

.The mayor's abysmal record has caused politicians from both parties to back Mr. Masterson. When have Republicans and Democrats ever agreed on anything yet a candidate for office? 

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