Is Idaho a great place to live if you want to experience all four seasons? Maybe, but that's debatable, only because Spring basically didn't happen this year! Regardless, one of the best things about Idaho is that we thrive in both Winter and Summer.

In Idaho, we have beautiful Summers (averaging 75 degrees), and the whole state really comes alive as more and more people start getting outside and doing things again etc.

Whether you live here, or whether you're visiting, Idaho offers nearly limitless outdoor activities and captivating experiences, making its summers truly unforgettable.

What counties in Idaho have the warmest Summers?

There's a recent article from Stacker that shares details and an in-depth list of the warmest counties in Idaho, and we've highlighted the top 10 for you down below.

Stacker used data from the National Centers for Environmental Information, and they said, "Data represents the average temperatures from June to August 2022; the historic average is the average for these months from 1901 to 2000."

Something I found interesting, and something you'll notice on the list below, is that the average Summer temperatures all throughout Idaho are very close together — which basically means ALL of Idaho is nearly the same temperature all Summer long, with minor differences hear and there.

Though, it's worth noting, Coeur d'Alene and northern parts of Idaho tend to have cooler highs (upper 70s or 80s) due the mountainous terrains and nearby lakes, and southern Idaho has higher highs like in the mid-90s or even 100 degrees.

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