Ada County Parks & Waterways recently shared a post that has caught the attention of the local community. It's one of those updates that gives you a little more appreciation for the green spaces and waterways we often take for granted.

The post highlights some of the initiatives and efforts Ada County Parks & Waterways has been putting into ensuring that the natural beauty and recreational spaces within the county are not just preserved but also enhanced. This includes everything from maintaining trails and public spaces to organizing events that encourage community involvement and stewardship of the environment.


Reopening Alert for Greenbelt Users:
The pathway segment on the river’s south side, UPSTREAM from the West Bridge leading to the New Dry Creek Diversion Dam, will welcome users back on Friday, May 10th. This reopening arrives just in time for a warm weekend, offering a newly enhanced path with a broader, smoother, and safer concrete surface.

Next Closure Phase:
Following this area's reopening, attention shifts DOWNSTREAM from the West Bridge. This section will be closed to the public from May 10th through June 21st to facilitate the final construction phase, which includes concrete repairs and bridge replacement.

Safety First:
During this period, the pathway within the construction zone will be hazardous and not navigable. To ensure your safety and that of the construction crew, we urge you to avoid attempting to enter the closed-off area. We ask for your cooperation to adjust your plans accordingly during these dates.

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