It’s hard to wrap your mind around the fact that this enormous and extravagant home belonged to a Twin Falls High School graduate.

This incredible 30,386 square foot estate is located on almost eight acres in Orem, Utah. Public records indicate that the current owner is 74 year-old Bruce Bastian. He’s lived the majority of his life out of the spotlight, so you may not recognize his name. You will, however, recognize his greatest contribution to the world of computers.

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Bastian is one of the co-founders of WordPerfect, the word processing program that most people used until Microsoft Word became the standard thanks to it being part of Office bundles for Windows computers. Many lawyers and administrative assistants still prefer using newer versions of WordPerfect today. Bastian developed the program with his faculty advisor, Alan Ashton, at BYU.

He grew up in Twin Falls and lived there until moving to Provo for his studies at BYU. He grew-up on a family farm and his dad owned a grocery store there. Bastian was part of a large Mormon family, but ultimately came out and decided to leave the church. He donates a significant amount to LGBT organizations and causes, as well as the arts. Bastian grew up a musician, got his bachelor’s degree in Music Education at BYU and went on to work as the Band Director there for five years. They ended up firing him for not having a PhD, which led him to change his masters studies to computer science.

While Bastian’s legacy will be his contributions to the computer world and all the wonderful causes he supports, this home also leaves a lasting impression on those who see it!

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